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Out with the old…in with the new!

On the 3rd of July…my best baking buddy…my oven faltered and fizzled.   The repair costs would equal the price of a replacement so the mister said…”Let’s go shopping.”   After a little online research and a conversation with the repairman, we headed to Sears.   I have never bought an appliance from Sears before but they had a big selection just not in the biscuit color I required.  We were circling the floor and my husband happened upon a box with a panel cut open….amazingly it was biscuit!    As soon as I determined that the oven did indeed have a hip height broiler I said yes.   The entire selection process took less than 10 minutes!   I probably should have spent a bit more time and consideration before making a decision but I am really not one to fool around.  Happily the unit was on sale….a sale that ended that day.

Meet Biscuit!

New Biscuit has more burners than my old Biscuit!

The best thing about new Biscuit is that it meant I never had to clean my old biscuit…which was one of those chores that I had been putting off until fall when the air was cool and could open the windows.    I’ll be sure to christen my oven by baking something this weekend to bring into work.

Now on to crafty news…

I have also been occupied with other pursuits.  I took a scarf dyeing workshop at a local historical society, Naper Settlement.  The instructor was Shelley Ryan of Wisconsin Public Television fame.   She is their local garden expert.    Here is a pictorial of what went on.  The great reveal won’t be for a few more days as the scarves as still “cooking”….so enjoy the preview!

Scarf dyed with peonys

Scarf dyed with blueberries

Scarf dyed with black walnut shells

After going back and actually reading the directions…I have found out why my red cabbage scarf is going to actually be blue instead of rose colored…I’m a bit disappointed in myself  LOL


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