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Rapunzel, Rapunzel…

This weekend I spent some time pumping up a prop story for my part of a Riverwalk presentation, which is where we bring the story time program outdoors as a special summer time treat.    Because the puppet show we were assigned was “The Three Little Pigs” I decided to add to the storybook theme and brought the book… Falling For Rapunzel by Leah Wilcox to life.  BTW I highly recommend this book for the grade school or younger set.  It’s a very silly twist on the old favorite where Rapunzel misinterprets the Prince’s plea and tosses out all the wrong stuff.  One such item is the silky dress she tosses out when he calls for her “silky tresses”.   I adapted an online freebie American Girl-sized pattern to fit my needs.

Notice the sweet rosebuds in the overlay fabric?

The pattern was free and the fabric dirt cheap on clearance at JoAnn’s.  Don’t you just love it when a plan comes together?  I also asked the talented NPL graphics people to construct a castle tower for the Rapunzel puppet that was also big enough for the puppeteer to stand behind and they came through with a wonderful castle spire, I was very pleased.   Hopefully we can reuse this wonderful prop story for many years to come.

I was also quite pleased when my boss told me that the children were laughing and really seemed to enjoy the whole presentation.   My next program is the long awaited “On the Look Out for a Cookout” which takes place Monday.



Hot Dog!

Just in time for cookout season! So….I’m going to put the pattern out here on the off chance that someone is actually excited about these wienies and wants to knit a string of their very own.



One skein Patons Classic Wool color Paprika 00238 (aka hot dog color)

One set of US 7 DPN



Cast on 15 sts over three needles. Knit about 6 rows and tie off at around 3-4 rows from the CO edge using a piece of the same yarn. Knit about 6 inches and stuff with fiberfill then tie off the section and repeat for as long as your heart desires. My string is 10 frankfurters long. After tying off the last of your wieners knit 3-4 rows more before casting off. Create a slight bend in each wiener to create a more realistic look. Enjoy!



Forgotten FO

With the advent of Ravelry I sometimes forget to post my FO here.  I wouldn’t want any of you to miss this beauty.  It’s the Sand Dollar Shawl from genius Evelyn Clark.

See the beads?

Lovely isn’t she?  This was a Mother’s Day gift for my mom.



25th Wedding Anniversary

I have been married for more than half my life to this guy…and here we are still happy after 25 years of “wedded bliss”.  I never thought about wedding milestones when I was younger but I am very happy to have reached the “Silver Anniversary”.  Although we did not celebrate it properly yesterday, we plan on doing just that in the near future.  I actually celebrated that morning by performing my first “special” program at the library…Fantastic Frogs followed by a meet up with my knitting buddies at Panera in the evening.

Barb brought me some delicious watermelon yarn…

Isn’t it purty?!  I have been wanting some to call my very own and when Barb saw the yarn get posted she snagged these two pretties for me while I was at work and unaware.   I am so lucky Barb had my back and was looking out for me.  Thanks again Barb, it’s so pretty and refreshing, I think I can stop obsessing talking about it now.  I just have to find the perfect pattern and I will then “unofficially” join the Summer of Socks…I totally missed the deadline but then I never seem to do well with group knitting anyway so no matter.



How much for the PacMan chip?

Today at lunch my son found this chip in a bag of Ruffles. It kind of resembles a Canadian from South Park as well as Pac-Man. So how much do you suppose it would go for on Ebay? ….As if, this chip is going for an “onion-dip” as soon as I show the rest of the family, I guess I’m just weird like that.

Edit: I just checked Ebay and found a heart shaped chip up for auction…and I thought I was odd. Correction…make that two heart shaped potato chips up for auction.

A co-worker of mine bought this dog toy at Target for $2.50 and then gave it to me so I could “pimp” her ride. We have been on the lookout at the library for a puppet to use with a transportation story hour, amazingly they are scarce to non-existent. I had thoughts about creating one start to finish but I can put that off as I think this one turned out pretty cute. There is a fleece mitten I made today and sewed to the undercarriage so we can use it just like a puppet.


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