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Threadbear Roadtrip

Happily I can almost safely say that we have a green light for the trip on May 5th so I have gone ahead and reserved our bus.  Please do continue to spread the word so we’ll have a bit of wiggle room. Jodee you have been most helpful, thank you!
Rob from Threadbear contacted me to remind me that there is a one hour time difference between Illinois and Michigan so our schedule will need to be amended slightly. We will still leave after that first train from Chicago arrives and return to the same spot.  I still plan on us having ample time inside this Disneyland of yarn shops somewhere in the vicinity of 3 hours.  The only change may be for the time for our lunch and departure.

If you haven’t already sent in your payment to me please do so at this time.  I am getting so darn excited!



Supersize Me

After my hammerhead episode I was able to recover and finish the shawl. I would like to introduce you to Caryl’s Kerchief Supersized using one skein of Shaeffer Anne that I bought at the market at Midwest Stitches last August. Isn’t she lovely? I really love the way the beaded cast off adds flair to this fairly basic shawl design.
Speaking of Supersize Me…parts of that documentary film were actually filmed at Madison Junior High School while my sons were attending there. I was the Home & School President at the junior high that year and I thank God that my backside was not captured and featured in the film :)

Dove Promises Message ~ Be mischievous. It feels good.




The definition of a hammerhead is someone that knows there is a better way…or an easier way to go about doing something but their stubbornness keeps them pushing in the direction of the absolute hardest way to get it done. Today I am being a hammerhead. I have this thing about not cutting yarn and about using up every last possible bit on the skein. I needed to string some 325 plus beads onto this lovely Schaefer Anne yarn for a beaded cast off but the problem is that I had about 135 yards of yarn left and rather than cut the yarn closer to the last stitch knit…I was stupid and strung the beads on the end and scooted them all the way up…what a mess….see….

Then I had to wind as I went so now these beads are sandwiched between the knitted item and the skein.

The good news is that the yarn didn’t break even though Biggs became tangled in the puddle of yarn I had on the floor. A quick intervention by my son and Biggs was freed and the yarn remained intact. The truth is I totally deserved to have the yarn broken because the exercise I just put myself through was really unnecessary and dumb. 325 beads are pretty heavy for fingering weight yarn. And why did I put myself through this? Well, because I am certain that I can knit something of use with the left over 135 yards.  Have I learned something?…Yeah sure I have…Will I do something like this again?….Undoubtedly I will.

Dove Promises Message ~ Learn something from everyone you meet.



My new love….Tide To Go!

I am a smart woman…I know my limitations…so I wear an apron at all times in the kitchen, even when I eat. I do choose to tempt fate and I wear a lot of white which really shows off my ability to soil myself…not any longer…enter Tide To Go! If you haven’t tried this product do not wait one second longer grab one the next time you are out at the grocery store.

Yesterday I dripped soup on my lovely pink blouse and I refused to change because I look smashing in pink…yet I did not want to appear swine-like so I grabbed my Tide To Go pen and darn if it isn’t prince charming in pen form…I love it.

Today I wore a white blouse to bowling and knowing my limitations I only drank water…and so did everyone else at my table so how I became the victim of a spray of red spots all over my right breast is a big of a mystery to me. And I had no idea what or who the actual culprit was but it didn’t matter…Tide To Go to my rescue! This isn’t the first time I was sabotaged at bowling…during the last feasting party…someone dropped spinach dip into my boot and left it there for my foot to find…lovely…I know some people are just pigs…I would never knowingly soil another person’s belonging and leave it for them to discover with their foot. I may have piggish tendencies but I would never share my affliction with others.

I can now erase my shame thanks to my new best friend my Tide To Go pen.

Dove Promises Message ~ Enjoy life’s simple pleasures.



My computer has fallen and it can’t get up…

My laptop is down. Apparently there is an issue with the video card or something along those lines…in fact…lines are all I see…vertical lines that do not let me see to surf and chat. My husband is a kind man and hooked me up to a full size keyboard and monitor so I won’t be isolated from my web friends while he decides just what he is going to do about it.

Before my laptop died I was able to snag some Euroflax Paris laceweight linen. Monica emailed me about the free shipping being offered by Woodland Woolworks so I was innocently window shopping when my lace addiction got the better of me and 3 spools of the French Blue are being whisked to my domicile as I blog. The linen is destined to become a lovely summer shawl.
For those of you that have asked I added a link to my blog roll so you can have easy access to my The Body Shop at Home venture and come shop with me if the mood strikes you. Delivery seems to be fairly quick too.

I attended a women’s business showcase yesterday and one thing befuddles me…along with all the chiropractors, home party people, jewelry people, massage people, plastic surgeon, hair salon, private investigator, personal massage devices, chocolate shop and the like was a home siding vendor. The last thing that I would assume a woman would want on a nice night out is to spend time thinking about having her siding replaced…Or is that just me?



Whisper Soft and Whisper Thin

There it’s finally finished all blocked and ready to wear. I doubt if I’ll save it for St. Patty’s 2008, it’s so lovely and soft not to mention lightweight (only 52 grams) that I can wear it now even as the weather warms up. I love the colorway…this picture does not do it justice.

I currently have just three items on the needles and boy does that feel good! Trevor asked me if I had started on his afghan for college yet…”no, I said…what would you rather have your ugly Christmas vest or the afghan?” He chose the afghan, maybe I can find a way to finish both items for him. The afghan is the Best of Both Whirls from Woollythoughts. I guess it’s a good summer project seeing as how you knit just one square at a time. I ought to have the square pattern memorized after the 6th one…

I am still looking for a few good riders for the bus trip to Threadbear…scroll down for the details.

Dove Promises Message ~ Live your dreams.



Magically Delicious

Yarn: Jade Sapphire Silk/Cashmere

Pattern: Heartstrings Reversible Lace Cables Scarf

I have been trying to knit this lovely scarf to wear on St. Patrick’s Day for the past two years….and I guess this year is like the past two because it’s still not ready to wear…but it’s close and I will not stop until it’s finished this time. Look out St. Patrick’s Day 2008!

Besides my goal of not adding yarn to the stash I have a new goal of only having one or two WIP going at any given time and finishing this scarf gets me within that goal. I constantly have to stop myself from knitting ahead of schedule. It’s so easy to give in to temptation and cast on for the next fixation. It’s a serious illness and there is no cure available which constantly leaves me in the foyer of the WIP addiction treatment center.
I had a great knit with the ladies at Wool & Co. this afternoon….they are such fun and silly women…I can think of no better way then to spend a Friday afternoon knitting and laughing them… I almost bought a skein of that TOFUtsies sock yarn in light pink but I escaped with only two spools of sock reinforcement thread and a Noni pattern for the Adventure Bag. Lesley showed us some lovely lampwork sweater pendants from an artist in MI and the prettiest ones were snatched up within seconds. Not to worry I am sure she will order more if you missed out. Apparently we all missed out on the mittens and socks earrings made by the same glassblower…next time…

The bus to Threadbear is filling up…if you would like to join us on May 5th for a road trip to the Disneyland of yarn shops please contact me ASAP so you won’t miss out on what is sure to be a fun ride and shopping extravaganza!

I will leave you with something I saw on the web today…

The top 5 Leprechaun complaints

5. This cereal is neither magical nor delicious.

4. It’s hard to hold your whiskey when you are built like a 5 year old.

3. If I have to hear “Top of the morning to you” one more time…

2. Everytime I wash me leprechaun outfit the whole wash turns green.

1. Tiny little leprechaun…tiny little shileleah…

Dove Promises Message ~ It’s definitely a bubble-bath day.



Robin Sighting!

I saw my first robin of the season just a moment ago…a very exciting time indeed!  To me the return of the robin is really the first sign of spring…so let the poor groundhog sleep, he’s only right half of the time anyway and just look for the robin they are never wrong!

Dove Promises Message ~ Smile at yourself in the mirror.



Threadbear Update

On May 5, 2007 (Cinco de Mayo) I am planning a road trip via a motorcoach to Threadbear Fiber Arts (wonderland of yarn) in Lansing, MI and I will be your tour guide.
Obviously seating is available on a limited basis…first come first served.  I will only put down a deposit if I get 40 reservations for the trip because this motorcoach is really expensive and my husband would not like it if I funded it myself. I have arranged for lunch from a great place close to yarn shop and the price for lunch is included in the
daytrip price of $65.00 per person Your reservations must be firm as there will be no refunds given once the bus has been reserved.

You can email me at deannadonovan(at)att(dot)net  to reserve your space.

Incidentally Threadbear is thrilled to have us and they plan to do something special just for us that day. If you have never been there you are in for a treat it’s like Disneyland for a knitter, the shop is spacious and filled with many delights.

The tentative day’s schedule looks like this.

May 5, 2007
Board Bus in Naperville at 7:30 AM Metra Train Station

***As a convenience to the Chicago contingent we will be leaving from the Naperville Metra station just after the first morning train arrives.

Arrive Threadbear around 10:30 AM and shop until 1 PM

Lunch 1 PM to 2 PM

Board Bus for return trip around 2PM to the Naperville Metra Station around 5-6PM…dinner time

I love this shop… the owners are wonderful…the stock is incredible!!!!! So do not wait add your name to the list to reserve your spot TODAY!!!!



Does Lightening Strike Twice?

I am relieved to have this pair of socks finally off my plate. I started the first sock like 3 years ago so I was worried that it’d take for longer to finish the second one but motivation is a powerful ally. I just don’t enjoy knitting this type of sock, it’s not exciting so it’s very easy to leave it on simmer while cooking up better knits.

Check out the one on the right…the second sock….I think I have a better understanding as to how to successfully navigate the pooling issue. I did a much better job with than the first sock. I began by casting on that first stitch at the junction of a color change thus using the tail in one color and the yarn from the skein in the other. If I would have had fewer stitches on the needle I believe I would have had sock success. I cast on 72 stitches for this man sock but had the count been around 70 to 68 stitches the end result would look flawless…so goes my theory. Here’s the flip side with the second sock still on the right.

After the heel flap the remainder of the pooling landed on the bottom of the foot…cool huh?! Yeah…. I planned it that way…not! At any rate my gift of socks for my husband is ready for Wednesday. Now all that I have left to do is to get to the store for my German Chocolate Cake ingredients, it’s certainly not my favorite cake but it’s his and that is who I am hoping to please. Cooking the coconut frosting is tricky because you don’t want the egg to cook…you want it to be blended in…not yellow, that’s just gross and unappetizing.

My number of UFO’s is diminishing which is my goal for the year…well other than not adding large quantities of yarn to my stash. Traveling to Threadbear won’t help matters but I feel the need for a yarn quest…the number is up to 16…anyone else care to join me?

Dove Promises Message ~ Laugh uncontrollably…it clears the mind.



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